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Posted by Walt Brown on May 27, 2020 2:06:00 PM

Over the course of the past 13 years, I’ve interacted with nearly 200 business owners who had questions about optimizing employee engagement within their organizations. It’s not that the organizations were in desperate need of help. On the contrary, some of these businesses were performing very well, and the owners of these companies simply wished to explore the possibility that some ingredients might be missing that would allow these companies to perform even better if they could be discovered.

To help these business owners identify whether or not such an ingredient was missing, I created The 7 Question Engagement and Culture Survey. This survey was developed as a way to help you get down to the root causes of what is and is not working within your organization. Even if things are going well, this survey is a tool that can highlight ways that your company could be operating at an even higher level.

The questions asked within the survey are:

  1. Does everyone belong?
  2. Does everyone believe?
  3. Does everyone understand and embrace what they are accountable for?
  4. Does everyone understand and embrace how they are measured?
  5. Does everyone understand and embrace how the organization listens and how they are heard?
  6. Does everyone understand and embrace how they are developed?
  7. Does everyone understand and embrace how they maintain balance?

By providing a response rating to each of these questions on a 1-to-10 scale, you will be confronted by your gut sense of how your organization is functioning with regard to employee engagement, along with the adherence of those within it to your core values, if you’ve defined them.

While the survey is an opportunity for you to take the temperature of your organization, and to see how you personally believe your company is functioning and living up to its ideals and core values, it is of even greater significance if you were to make copies of the survey and distribute them to have them filled out and returned by your employees. This way, all of the guesswork is eliminated, and you will know for certain whether or not you have the level of employee engagement that you’re craving. You will also know if your staff is fully aligned with the mission of your business.

Frankly, you have nothing to lose. If the survey reinforces your belief that your organization is properly fueled by its core values and is driven by pure employee-derived momentum, then that is a much-welcomed thing to discover. However, if there are any areas in which the essence of your employee engagement processes can be improved, it is certainly worth the effort to explore and unearth those shortcomings.

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