Great Resignation or Great Poach?

Posted by Walt Brown on Jun 2, 2021 10:51:25 AM

No matter what you call it, it is not just coming, it is here now.

Ask any young professional, engineer, attorney, CPA, great worker, and they will tell you they are getting letters and inquiries that sound like this:

“Dear Julie, 

Hope you are doing well. We have been receiving inquiries from some of your associates at XYZ firm and are wondering if you are thinking about moving too? If so, we would love to talk with you about joining our amazing firm.

Partner Jane”

There is something you can use to plug the gap, block the poach, or perform a post mortem on a recent loss.

You can use the 7 Questions.

It is this simple:

First, become aware of this, your people are subconsciously asking themselves these 7 things about working for you and your firm.

  1. Do I Belong? - Do I share the firm’s Core Values, do I fit in? 
  2. Do I Believe? - Do I Believe in where the company is going, what it is about, our priorities, our plan?
  3. Do I Understand and Embrace what I am Accountable for? Is it clear and consistent? 
  4. Do I Understand and Embrace how I am Measured?  Is it clear and consistent? 
  5. Do I Understand and Embrace how I am Heard?  Is it clear and consistent how my company listens?
  6. Do I Understand and Embrace my opportunities for Development?  Is it clear and consistent? 
  7. Do I Understand and Embrace how my company helps me with Balance; my work-life balance, my financial balance, and my health and wellness balance?  Is it clear and consistent? 

If your people are subconsciously answering anything less than a lower case “yes” to these 7 things, if they are a “no” or a “NO”, you are at extreme risk of losing them.

To get in front of the wave, to possibly catch the wave, you can use our free unlimited survey tool to quickly get a pulse on where your organization is

If you find you are getting rolled by the wave, you can ask your Great Resigners to fill out the questionnaire below.

Don’t get Poached, don't be a victim of this reality, take action today.


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