[Podcast Recap] The Startup Life Show - Episode 74 - “How to Recruit the Best Talent For Your Startup” with Walt Brown

Posted by Allen Cobb on Dec 18, 2019 2:01:00 PM

During his discussion with Ande Lyons on The Startup Life Show, Certified EOS implementer and 7Q7P Visionary Walt Brown explained how the 7 Question - 7 Promise Framework can benefit the culture of organizations no matter what size they are, including startup companies. Walt also identified some key ways in which the mindset of startup employees can shift as a business increases in size.

Walt and Ande begin by discussing the entrepreneurial gene Walt feels he was born with, and how he eventually stumbled into coaching after being prompted by people familiar with his work. He then says he learned the lesson early in his coaching experience that he needed to get out in the world, interact with people and be willing to make a mess. Walt elaborated by saying that the only way to know if what you are saying has any real resonance with your audience is to get out into the world, interact with people face to face, and read their faces and body language.

The conversation shifts to a discussion about the EOS operating system, which Walt describes as a wonderful tool. Walt explains how he has now taken more than 170 companies through the EOS process, but he encountered what he terms “the millennial stereotype” around client number 80. He realized the millennial stereotypes was a myth, and the key was to help the business owners and their employees get on the same page by being able to answer questions about who they are as a business, what they believe in, what they are accountable for, how they are measured, how they are developed, how they are heard, and how they maintain balance. Walt then points out how many employees that recognize their inability to answer “yes” to those seven questions will willingly opt-out of their employment with the company.

On the topic of operating systems, Walt discusses the benefits that organizations can achieve by implementing one of several different operating systems. However, Walt further points out how all operating systems can be mapped to the seven fundamental questions or can be tested against the seven questions for suitability.

With regard to startups and the willingness of startup employees to work for less money than they could acquire at larger companies, Walt explains how startup employees appreciate having direct access to the CEO, and the attractiveness of the job can be reduced for many workers once the organization grows and more layers of management are inserted between the workers and the CEO.

Click the link below to hear the full interview.


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