[Podcast Recap] “Leaders that don’t create culture destroy companies”

Posted by Allen Cobb on Dec 11, 2019 10:53:00 AM

Raleigh, North Carolina — November 6, 2019 — Longtime corporate leadership coach Walt Brown accused most businesses of operating as multiple organizations under one roof due to the failure of their leaders to establish a distinct culture.

Brown, a certified EOS implementer and the founder of 7Q7P, made his statement on the “Let’s Get to Work” podcast during an interview intended to promote 7Q7P’s leadership workshops that take place in Chapel Hill on February 23-25, 2020.

The host of “Let’s Get to Work,” Scott Weiss, asked Brown how organizations can create environments in which constructive criticism from employees is encouraged without also creating chaos.

“The key is a lot of companies don’t take the time to really lay down who they are,” answered Brown. “So when they don’t lay down who they are, then there’s just this room for everybody to be whomever they want to, and so there’s no culture. There's multiple organizations in one.”

As a remedy, Brown proposed his company’s 7 Question - 7 Promise Framework, which requires everyone in the organization - from the owners and leaders to the lowest-level employees - to be able to answer “yes” to seven questions in order to determine whether or not they are an appropriate cultural fit for the company on an ongoing basis.

When asked by Weiss whether or not it is ever too late for companies to correct their internal cultural flaws and reorient the staff along the same understanding of goals, Brown offered a reassuring response.

“As long as there’s still an owner or board or whatever that really has this vision of the kind of organization they always wanted to have, if they’re willing to go through and make the hard decisions, and have the patience to allow people to align or select out, you can turn it,” explained Brown. “But it all starts at the top."

To listen to the full interview, click the link below:


For more information about Walt Brown and the 7Q7P leadership workshops please visit 7Q7P.com.


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